Saturday, November 13, 2010

Aung San Suu Kyi - The most beautiful

At 65, She is never more beautiful.
Collage of profiles - some has stoic and unshuttered eyes,
Others profile the subtle shy of a newly wed asian woman;
Fist propping up the chin and a teasing squint in her eyes!

Bold and beautiful - flowers ornating her hair,
Bouquets of roses springing up her frame; always thin.
Hairs falling on to a corner, shadows and cover - still plenty of forehead to shine.
At 65, She is never more beautiful.

Some angry, some determined.
Some assured and others waiting in anguish.
Anguish no more - she may not stay free for long,
As she will not bend the truth and submit to tyrants.

But Myanmar will be free - free from timids.
The beauty is contagious - especially it is of the mind.
The courage is beautiful - especially it is of a woman.
At 65, She is never more beautiful!