Monday, September 24, 2007

Dhoni’s Devils – Enjoy while it lasts!

Being an underdog is a good thing since it takes away the pressure of high expectations. Expectations can be a very bad thing for a team especially when you are not Aussies. Oops, you can’t say the same about even the Aussies after you see Dhoni’s devils steal the victory away from Aussies from the jaws of a certain defeat. ‘Chak De’ will play 24x7 on national TV with split screen images of Dhoni and Kapil lifting the world cups.

Enjoy while it lasts. Replay your recording many times over until you get bored of camera zoom to the ‘Chak De’ Khan. Because…. This may not happen again for a long time to come.

The newly found camaraderie and team work will slowly fade to individual records without team win. The ability to fight back will again be replaced by surrender of the herd. The courage to experiment will soon be replaced by reluctance to force follow-on. Last over thrillers will no longer be decided only in India’s favor. Another Miandad will send another Chetan Sharma for a last ball Sixer.

The young bloods like RP Sharma and Gautam Gambhir will start getting huge endorsements and become veterans and eventually loose form. The Captain will try to do a ‘Dravid on Virender’ on out of form player by saying ‘this chap made a triple century in the past’.

Having been such a cynic in this moment of joy, i must end this with a positive note. That is, Dhoni promises a lot of devilish acts in the years to come. Just like the original devil Kapil except that Dhoni became the devil little too early for any one to predict :)See my previous post on Cricket's dirty way of life

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